Friday, June 5, 2009


The E3 conference HAS to be run by Cylons. Look at this photo they just released of a "protester" being escorted out:

William Adama was apparently trying to try out the new Wii device, and then grew suspicious and angry at the "man" running the booth! He angrily yelled at him and threw the controller at his face and screamed: "Project Natal! NO! Let's fight like men you robot!" At which point the police ran over and hauled him out, thus revealing this picture.

This makes the theory even deeper... are the police involved in this too? Could they be cylons as well?

These are the questions we must answer.

Crazy crazy technology

Only robots could make this gaming system:

How many pieces of evidence do I need to provide to prove to the public that E3 was created by the cylons. This machine is called NATAL! NATAL! The same number of letters as Cylon. Coincidence? I think not.

This machine blows my mind... but I'm not sure if that's because I'm standing in shock and awe so that the cylons can kill me when I'm not looking or if this is a genuine human emotion I'm feeling.

Oh fuck. Am I a cylon? Since I'm excited for the Natal, does that make me a cylon?

I might flip shit at any time...

The machines are controlling our bodies...

The Wii Fit Plus.

This is the new Nintendo exercise game where the machines are KEEPING TRACK OF OUR FITNESS!

Here's my guess. The Wii Fit Plus was created by the cylons to keep track of every man, woman and child. They are then uploading these stats into their brains and charting our weaknesses. With all the relevant information on our human gooey cells they are going to try to destroy us and they will do it with the PROFICIENCY OF A MACHINE!

Why is no one else freaking out about this?! THE CYLONS CAN LOOK HUMAN!! SOME OF THEM DON'T EVEN KNOW THEY'RE CYLONS! This means that we are all plugging in to these machines, and maybe without knowing it uploading our best friends' weaknesses so we can kill them!

E3 is a devil function.

They're not even hiding it...

This was released at E3 a few days ago.

The cylons are clearly running full steam right now. Look at this boy. Milo. He's a mother fucking cylon, I don't care what anyone says and everyone is treating him like he's a HUMAN! A HUMAN!! Hasn't anyone seen ANY SCIENCE FICTION EVER AND AREN'T THEY HORRIBLY HORRIBLY SCARED RIGHT NOW?!

And that host is a cylon too. He has to be.